Some fans shouted “we love you brian” and Dylan said “DID YOU JUST CALL ME BRIAN? BRIEN O’DYLAN”
—The maze runner cast in London (via stydiaislove)
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But you, you don’t tell the truth 19/08

But you, you don’t tell the truth 19/08

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he keeps asking me today ‘who’s Eric?!’ x/x

he keeps asking me today ‘who’s Eric?!’ x/x

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Their whole life flashed before their eyes x

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Anonymous asked:
Since you have an entire masterpost on "Harry outting himself" has Louis ever outted himself in your opinion?
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Anonymous asked:
I saw you talking about Harry's lyrics tweet, and your all just being ridiculous. It's obviously riptide. Stop reaching so hard.


So in your scenario, Harry meant to tweet the lyrics to Riptide, accidentally messed it up, entirely unintentionally tweeted the exact lyrics to Secrets, which is a completely different song, then let it remain up for hours even after Mary Lambert herself acknowledged that he had tweeted the lyrics to her song?

And I’m the one reaching? Wow.

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lapelosa asked:
Riptide is the new Jamaican flag.
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Download the schedule PDF HERE

Descarga el horario en PDF AQUÍ

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THR Photoshoot Emily Bett Rickards (+ Stephen Amell)

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Anonymous asked:
I think MTV have picked up tips from MM on how to handle The Gay Issue (TM). Even though it's fictional characters not real people the PR push against Sterek shippers has been VERY familiar. "Delusional", "hurting (the actors)", fans being called out and ridiculed, the Sterek campaign's charity work being appropriated by MTV for an award show with no mention of the people who did the work .. same old story, gay is bad and wrong and hurtful, kids. Even if it's a tacky fantasy show on MTV!


yeah they used to play up sterek…i remember the video of them on an actual boat with their arms around each other for some mtv video thing. and then they seemed to do a MM and shut that all down, which is sort of a shame considering the show they have gay characters and relationships featured on the show. even if they didn’t want a sterek storyline on the show (which to be honest, i felt like they hinted around at it when it was convenient for them), they still could have just let the sterek stuff be and not take the anti-sterek position.

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I actually think he was asking about girls basically because most of the audiance was female.

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I want to see 1000 rainbow signs people. This is your time. I want you to be proud as hell and smug as fuck. Let’s go!

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Anonymous asked:
When did harry come out?
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