harry and louis’ fight with @ijever

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Anonymous asked:
i just started season 3 of teen wolf, can you tell me in which epsiode Stiles realize that he is gay?


season 1 episode 1

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Harry Styles I love the word spouse.


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How gif sets work on tumblr.

yes hello this messed with my head thanks very much 

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#haha i dont care #but can you um #can you stop hugging #my beautiful boyfriend #like it doesnt bother me or anything #but #thanks

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So, I went shopping today and I swear to god…

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Anonymous asked:
Do you think the backstage photo from nashville was seeding for the coming out like some people are saying, or just they happened to be seen?


I think that if they weren’t meant to be seen, they wouldn’t have walked in front of a clearly visible crowd of fans with their arms around each other’s waists, and they definitely wouldn’t have continued walking like a couple once those fans started screaming. And, sorry to say, but I think people who take that as a fluke or as an accidental slip-up are incredibly naive to how these things really work.

From what I can see, they’ve been seeding it for much longer than just that photo in Nashville. People have pointed things out to me in the past few weeks, things that have happened over this year so far, and it goes way further back. Headlines linking their names, them disappearing together for days or weeks at a time, being seen together in small ways over the last several months. It’s kicked up recently, but it’s not new. That’s the point of seeding something — Once things kick up, people are already subconsciously expecting it, because you’ve been giving them small doses of it over time.

(Now, this is about to go a bit beyond the scope of your original question, so I’m putting it under a cut.)

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"Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth"


"Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth"

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Anonymous asked:
the bob marley thing is a bit of a reach imo. first he'd have to know the joke then buy the shirt, then wear the shirt when his photo might be taken and maybe someone will figure out what shirt it is. that's too much.


- He’d know the joke. The post I did about it got 1500 notes, and I’m certain mine wasn’t the only one. Meanwhile, back on twitter, when the Ethiopian Flag girl jumped in, shit got HILARIOUS and the Larry crowd descended. The Original Jamaican Flag tweet was eventually deleted, but a day or two after it happened, it had some crazy number of retweets and subtweets of people making fun of it. 

- I doubt he’d have to go buy the shirt. He has access to myriad shirts and given his interests, it’s no shock that he has that one. That said, even if he didn’t have a shirt that fit the criteria, the band literally employs people to source clothing for them. It would have taken no more effort on his part than a single sentence.

- “Wear the shirt when his photo might be taken.” I’m pretty sure it was no mistake they just happened to walk through a certain part of the backstage that was fully visible to an entire section. You can argue this if you like, but whatever man. It wasn’t a mistake.

- “maybe someone will figure out what shirt it is.” LOL have you MET this fandom?

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+ larry stylinson + 1d + it sounds far-fetched + but when you think back on how many times they hinted at things happening in fandom + and how good they are at setting up 'evidences' + it becomes quite plausible
hi sorry i was just wondering what the picture of harry with love bites you guys were talking about was, and also the one of him papped sleeping or something? sorry im a bit out of the loop (banned myself from tumblr to get course work done eww)





well i’m not going to post the picture of him sleeping… but you can pretty much find it anywhere so like it’s not hard to find.

as for the love bites…

When they arrived in France (day after their movie date):


And then 2 days later when he was coming back from Glasgow (clearly these bite marks were a few days old):


So yeah, Louis likes to bite apparently. Bite hard.

Forgive my lack of Photoshop skills, but I did a thing.  Those bite marks are obv from his good old laddy dude bro pal, Louis.  

His bottom rightish tooth that is set back and up, and the two surrounding it, line right up perfectly with those scabby bruise things.  




I am a dentist and those bite mark is so fucking fit with his dude bro pal’s teeth. OMG

^ hahahahah I’m just a creepy nerd, now we got a real dentist up in here.  SCIENCE!

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Based on a true story

Uterus, you need therapy.



Based on a true story

Uterus, you need therapy.

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+ i have just personally lived through that ikea experienxe + was not fun