A post about marriage :)


Let’s begin! (no commentary because I think everything speaks for itself)



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I’ve just realised something very important

I don’t ship Louis and Harry.

I support them.

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Everyone has a right to their opinion.

Not when your opinion degrades my existence

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Marvel’s Chris trifecta

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Laverne Cox corrects Gayle King on CBS

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Anonymous asked:
I'm the one who asked about the 1D transition. I actually don't even follow you for TW stuff, so it's not a big deal to me. I was just wondering. I think you are an interesting person with great ideas about things. That's why I follow you, so, please, do continue.

Oh, okay. Cool. And thanks. :D

I guess I was anticipating some upset followers, because my fandom shift was kind of sudden, and I did get a lot of unfollows, but then I also gained a few follows from like-minded “believers.” (I have a hard time calling them shippers, I think there is a very fine line here, between being a fan, being supportive and being respectful.)

Anyway, there will be some original L&H posts coming, since I need to put my thoughts down in order to see the bigger picture. Though I’m not sure if you, anon, have any interest in it or not.

Also I have this urge to convert everybody and make them see the light, as I have a lot of LGBTQA supportive followers, and it would be nice to see some more queer support for the boys. :D 

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My dash needs more Samira Wiley.

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Anonymous asked:
So are you officially a 1D blog now?

LOL. I’ll try to deny it? :D I mean, I will probably keep blogging about Sterek as well once I’ll get over the anger I have for everything related to TW, but as of right now my day and night is the love between Louis and Harry and the fact that people treat it as a simple ship, when it’s actually a real relationship, just buffles me… So yeah, at this point, I’m very much fascinated by the members of 1D.

I guess I’ll calm down about it after a few weeks, when I’ll have been finished with digesting all the information.

I feel a bit stupid about it, because the other day I was coming home from work, and I was listening to 1D songs (because when you actually have more info on the band, some of their songs become 10000 times better) and this 9 year old child walked by and she was wearing a 1D shirt and I thought, wow… I’m way too fucking old for this. But then, when was a time when I gave a shit about this kind of stuff? :D

So yeah, I’m very sorry about this. I’m happy to discuss all kinds of stuff, even TW, but I haven’t even watched the last few episodes, I’m super disappointed with it, so I need a bit of a distance. (I still ship Sterek! I’ll forever ship it!)

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early 2014 & south america


some quite gut-wrenching things happening behind the scenes these days so i thought why not take a look at the good things that happened so far this year and let me tell you, there’s loads. grab some popcorn and LET’S GOimage(x)

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+ larry stylinson + i love their relationship + i admire their love + you have no idea how much affection i have developed for these two in the last week + but omg if this is not the greatest love story ever

I found it pretty hard at first. I was always trying to be too cool, like you do in school. I found it really hard talking to people, answering questions - you don’t want to sound like an idiot, so a lot of the time you don’t say anything at all. Then you realize everyone is in the same boat. None of us knew what we were doing. You can’t take yourself too seriously, and you all start to relax into being who you are.

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Harry and Louis and Stuff and Things and Fun Facts and Coincidences


So… It just so happens that I had a number of conversations with RL friends about Harry & Louis recently. About the mass of eyebrow-raising — and frankly fascinating — coincidences surroundings their relationship. And, y’know, since I already put this stuff together, I figured: why not share it? 


Disclaimer 1: No one knows anything ever. There is no way to be 100% certain about what is going on in the lives of people who are, essentially, strangers to us. But I also don’t believe in censoring speculation about a potential gay couple when people speculate about straight couples all the damn time. Shunning discussion because it’s two guys rather than a het couple? Hell no. That would imply that gay is an insult.

Disclaimer 2: I included a number of links (without overloading it with too much stuff) to back up the different points. I was careful in assembling this, but should a mistake have crept in there, let me know. 

Warning 1: I don’t think it’s in any way okay to approach the boys about “Larry”, or their families or whatever. It’s an invasion of privacy, and not okay. Ever. If they’re in a relationship, it is theirs. Not ours. (See here and here.)

Warning 2: Please do not post this on Twitter, thanks.

Warning 3: If you are absolutely and completely opposed to the possibility of H&L being anything but straight and / or more than dude bro pals, you might want to give this a miss. If, however, you are at least willing to consider the possibility, you might find this interesting. (I started out highly skeptical. So did two of my friends — one of them, just a few months ago, even told me that he hated “those Larry shippers”. And yet we all got to a point when the word ‘coincidence’ felt remarkably overused and inadequate.)

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Dramatic photos capture the rapid decline of a single Detroit block

It’s a heartbreaking story told in just six pictures.

After a fire destroyed nine houses on one block of Garland Street in Detroit, the Detroit News looked back to tell the block’s story. While their reporting went back nearly a century, the images only need to go back seven years to make an impact.

The dangerous epidemic sweeping Detroit

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